Candice ‘Mars’ Williamson


Mars is a colourist/editor who has worked in post-production for more than ten years, both, on set and chained to a computer at all hours. Seven of those years were spent in Los Angeles working in advertising and freelancing on other projects in my spare time. She has worked across all formats and genres from TVCs and Music Videos to Feature length and Short Films. She's graded projects for clients including ESPN, Showtime, HBO, Netflix, Amazon, and National Geographic. She's also worked on Music Videos for such artist as Peaches, Tegan & Sara, Bell’s Roar and Buddy.

She enjoys being a Jane of All Trades and am always willing to learn new skills. She loooves working on all stories but have a particular passion for uplifting stories by women, people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Now Melbourne based, she lives with her partner, Casey, and their son, Henry. In her spare time, she's building Legos, designing tiny houses, podcasting, talking herself into believing in manifestation, catching up on Netflix and compiling a list of books to read at some point in the next 10 years.