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The Show Must Go On follows former Home & Away actor and filmmaker Ben Steel on a soul searching investigation into why are there so many arts and entertainment workers developing and struggling with anxiety, depression and substance abuse and for the first time opening up a much-needed public conversation about their mental health and wellbeing.

The issue

While ‘show business’ is often seen as glamorous, fun, exciting, and well paid, the reality paints a darker picture. In the entertainment industry, anxiety symptoms are 10 times higher, sleep disorders are 7 times higher and symptoms of depression are 5 times higher than the national average. Suicide attempts in the industry are double the national average.

Wellness roadshow

Running alongside the release of the film will be a national Wellness Roadshow that will be visiting all corners of Australia with the ability to reach a targeted audience of industry leaders, artists and students ready to enter their related industry. Ignite the conversation, create action, change the statistics. Join us now and be part of the solution.

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“A striking reminder that the people you see on your screens are every bit as human and fragile as any of us.”

- The Sydney Morning Herald / The Age


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