Dr Mark Seton

Dr Mark Seton is an Honorary Research Associate (Department of Theatre and Performance Studies) at The University of Sydney, and the founder of the Actors Wellbeing Academy, online. His research interests include the psychological wellbeing of performing artists, and ethical teaching and research practices in Higher Education Creative and Performing Arts. Alongside membership of the Editorial Board of the “Journal of Applied Arts and Health”, Mark is Chair of the Human Research Ethics Committee for the Australian College of Theology and is Vice President of the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare.

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Jeff Crabtree

Jeff Crabtree is an award winning composer, producer and musician who specializes in the diametrically opposed fields of acid gospel blues and film scoring. He is equally at home on the stage or in the recording studio. He has performed in large and small venues all over the world in the last thirty-five years. He has production and songwriting credits on a truckload of recordings including two live albums in his blues alter ego state. His friends describe him as a musical alchemist – a magician of sound.

Monica Davidson | Creative Plus Business

Creative Plus Business is a social enterprise that helps creative practitioners to develop their business skills. This can, in turn, have a positive impact on mental wellness because understanding and education can lead to empowerment. Understanding the creative freelance life, and connecting to others in the same situation, can reduce isolation and encourage a positive connected creative community. 

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Dr Chris Stevens

Dr Chris Stevens is a registered psychologist with 25 years’ experience in assisting individuals, groups and organisations to be sustainably creative and sustainably well. This has taken the form of clinical consultation, coaching, lecturing, public speaking, facilitating groups and training programs and consulting in a wide variety of organisations around the world. He has published articles and book chapters on personal adjustment, creativity, insight and constructive outlooks. His doctoral research explored the nature and genesis of creative insight and his professional passions include promoting workplace innovation and creativity especially as it relates to wellbeing and high-quality productivity. He co-founded and ran an international workplace wellbeing and mental health organisation for14 years. He has taught programs on Wellbeing and on Managing Creativity and Innovation in a variety of academic and creative industry contexts. His clients have been diverse, including those in the creative industries (television, advertising, music industry, research and development, design & architecture) as well as many organisations in the government and private sectors in Australia and internationally. His approach is pragmatic, with learning always based in real-world activity and engagement. Chris is embarking on a new project called 'Psychology to Live By' which will be a distillation of his experience and insights to help people live with more wellbeing and purpose.

Zebra Psychology

The Zebra Psychology team are highly respected psychologists who are committed to providing a caring, supportive, confidential and innovative environment to help you manage the challenges of life.

As an experienced psychologist, Julie Crabtree has worked extensively with creative people. Also through her doctoral research into creativity and mental health, she is at the forefront of our understanding of how to be both healthy and creative.

Shannon Gostelow is a Registered Psychologist and has also worked as a professional actor. She is uniquely placed to both empathise with, and empower, creative artists.

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Susan Eldridge

Susan Eldridge is a passionate and high profile advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation in music education, and an example of the transferability of music education to success across industries. Her leadership skills have created and transformed businesses and arts ventures internationally. She uses this expertise to reframe the value and purpose of 21C music education through her role of Associate Lecturer in Music (Entrepreneurship) at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and her private consultancy, Notable Values. Susan maintains an active performance career on French Horn.


Catreeana Saunders

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